Waste Oil Containers

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For us to understand why waste oil containers are a very important component of your everyday lives, we have to understand what “waste oil” actually is.

Waste oil is defined as any petroleum-based or synthetic oil that, through its use, has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities, loss of original properties or mixture with hazardous waste.

From this definition, we can see that most of the oils used in our cars will eventually constitute examples of waste oil. Anytime we change our engine oils, brake fluids, gear oil, hydraulic fluids, etc, we are in effect, removing what is now waste oil.

From the definition, we can also see that waste oil is bad for the environment. If disposed of carelessly, the deleterious effects on plant life, the soil, the water table and the ecosystem cannot be quantified.

Waste oil containers have been developed to enable appropriate collection and disposal of waste oil. Their use has become more important as the world is now talking of doing things in an ecologically-friendly manner, or “going green”.

Waste oil containers include oil drains, waste oil container bins, drainage pots, waste oil tanks, and any such containers which are leak proof and can be used to dispose of waste oil safely.

Now the use of waste oil containers should not just be limited to draining and storing drained oils. Every time we carelessly dispose of empty cans of hydraulic or brake fluid and similar oils, we also degrade the environment as small amounts of these oils can still leach out into the soil and ground water. We all know that these oils can easily make soil biologically dead. Such materials and other materials used to absorb oil such as oil-soaked rags and chemical solvents constitute waste oil products.

We need to use waste oil containers judiciously and in a responsible manner. Many waste oil containers also have special features that enable the safe transport of waste oil products, especially those which are classified as hazardous chemicals such as oil containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).

Let’s save our environment by using the appropriate waste oil containers.

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