Tradeshow Shipping Containers

Publish date: March 8, 2011 10:03 am

If your business requires you to carry your trade show booth, display and any other graphics or parts and need to send them across to faraway places by ship, then you need the proper tradeshow shipping containers to put them in. This will ensure that your goods are easily transported to the display point. There are various containers made by several top brands, catering to such requirements, and you can easily avail of them from online suppliers by browsing through the relevant websites. This could be the best choice for trade show professionals.

The tradeshow shipping containers are made of high density polyethylene and many of the brands offer cases with durable nylon web belts with fasteners an d also pull handles, so that you can easily transfer them from one place to another. There are also heavy-duty polyethylene containers that are offered in various sizes and configurations. You can select the round, square or rectangular containers. Opening and closing these containers is very easy, as they have side release nylon catches.

They are also provided with heavy-duty metal caps, which will give the maximum protection to your graphics and any other sensitive items, from damage during shipping. You can select from the various sizes provided in these websites, and some suppliers also offer you the option of customization. You can call a toll free number to give your size specifications, and they will ship you a container that suits your requirements. Alternatively, you can also purchase the standard size tradeshow shipping containers.

Many of the containers are specifically created with high-density crosslink polyethylene and they also have a unique triangular design which avoids rolling. Additionally, all these containers are remarkably lightweight, to reduce your shipping costs. They are also weather resistant and are designed to expand in length and are also easily stackable too. You can even get it customized by partitioning the interior space into modular divisions.

Top brands supply these shipping cases through their online dealers and they are specifically designed to protect your trade show exhibits. You even get unique items like shipping cases that can be converted into a display podium. This can be simply set up and is ideal for displaying banner stands if you need more workspace in your counter. The expandable containers are also very attractive as they are easy to handle and you can quickly convert them into a spacious counter, just by opening the box.

So don’t take a chance on damaging your precious and expensive exhibits or graphics on account of inadequate protection. Go get the advantage with these fabulous options for tradeshow shipping containers.