Tape Storage Containers

Publish date: March 8, 2011 10:21 am

There are many leading brands that manufacture tape storage containers for data storage and transport. These are used as permanent storage cases for storing or transport of important computer backup tapes. You can now purchase these containers from online shops. They have a hard shell on the outside which protects your vital information that you store in it. In fact, many computer tape and media manufacturers recommend many of these brands for their unique patented design and the functionality that they provide.

These containers are used as data storage and transport cases and can very satisfactorily protect your backup tapes. They are very well aware of and keep up to date on the critical problems that can arise and affect the functioning of the backup tapes. These manufacturers offer superb quality tape storage containers which can effectively store and transport your media safely.

The tough make of these containers provides protection against harsh impacts, temperature, and electro-static discharge and also against particle contamination. Even if any kind of disaster strikes a large data or media center, they can easily recover the data when stored in such containers, and it will be in perfect condition and ready to use.

The online sites offering these tape storage containers provide all details regarding the backup tapes and cartridges for which their containers will be suitable for, so that you can make an informed choice while purchasing them to suit your data tapes. These are excellent disaster recovery cases and have a durable two-layer construction with strong protective layers to withstand high impact, and many of the online suppliers supply products of industrial grade.

Many of these containers have a tough exterior combined with a cushioned interior. Many cushioned slots are provided to give maximum protection from shock and impact. It also protects your tape from dirt, dust and moisture. These are made in a stackable form, thus providing ease of storage and transport.

The dimensions of the tape that can be accommodated are also provided. Moreover, many of these containers have a flexible liner system which can conform to the shape of your tapes and can hold them very firmly in place. It is also very easy to load and unload and has double latching system where you can use a padlock as well as a number safety seal, to maximize security.

So now you can protect your vital backup media by using any of these tape storage containers offered to you in various top brands through online suppliers and websites. This can be your ultimate solution for media protection.