Shipping Container Cabin

Publish date: February 14, 2011 9:43 pm | Tags: container cabin

A shipping container cabin is a very convenient and unique place to retreat to, when you just wanna get away from the normal hustles and bustle of city life. Cabins are usually made out of wood, but what would be more unique than actually using a container as your cabin. Today more and more people are opting to get container homes and cabins due to the various advantages it has over traditional homes and cabins.

Container cabins are affordable and are strong enough to provide you sufficient protection from the various elements like rain or strong winds. They are also pretty easy to build due to their modular structure. A standard 40 feet container comes at about US$1200 and the home or cabin you build from it will be substantially cheaper than traditional ones. You can also combine two or more containers to make unique and interesting cabins.

These containers are made from heavy duty steel and so can withstand about 65,000 pounds of weight. Also about 85 percent of the materials used in the construction of these containers are recycled ones. You can really make captivating cabins using these containers by using a little bit of creativity. You can either stack the containers up to get a vertical home or you can stack them horizontally. There really are no limits as to how much unique you can make them. You can even have one side open to have a nice little patio for your evening entertainment.

A shipping container cabin like every other cabin or home can have its own advantages and disadvantages. Its affordability, strength and easy construction are of course the advantages of having such a cabin, not to mention its just plain cool. Some of the disadvantages are regarding the insulation and its transportation costs which can get very expensive if you need to take the containers to a faraway place. A container is after all a big metal box and so it is necessary that you get proper insulation done, lest you wish to be baked in the summer season.

You can go online and check out the different kinds of container cabins that are out there. There are so many captivating designs to inspire you. You can also find the appropriate contractors to do the job. This is after all a special job and you need to get people who have experience in cutting and welding metal. By building a great looking shipping container cabin near the woods, you’ll be able to spend your glorious summers in peace and tranquility.