Produce Containers

Publish date: September 3, 2010 12:04 am | Tags: ,

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Storing your produce in the correct containers is vital in protecting the freshness and quality of your food. Perhaps even more importantly is it helps protect your lively hood if you’re in the business of selling produce. (fruit and vegetables, farming etc). Many people make the big mistake of not correctly storing their produce and then wonder why nobody wants to consume it!

Thankfully it’s not difficult to buy the perfect produce containers and it’s even easier to find the cheapest prices if you know where to look. Within the next minute you will learn all you need to know about how and where to find the best produce containers and a few interesting tidbits which will also save your time, space and your money.

The first step is you need to have some sort of idea what foods you need storing. Although fruits and veggies is the main category, other items such as nuts and poultry can be stored in produce storage containers. Note down the names and how much you need in terms of weight and quantity so you have a rough idea whether you need small or large containers.

When it comes to choice, there are a few different shapes and models you can buy. You of course have your vented pint plastic container which is commonly used to store items like tomatoes, carrots and grapes. These are very cheap to buy and have been used for many years -if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it like they say! These have a few holes on the bottom of them to allow for air to get through and keep the produce fresh. The choice for non vented units is also there for those who need them.

You can also buy specifically made containers for a particular type of fruit/vegetable. For example if your trade deals with lots of strawberries or blackberries, you can buy strawberry and blackberry pint containers. These may or may not come with lids.

Other variations include hinged containers and those with a seashell/clamshell design. These open up as you know and are a little bit more fancy.

Finally we have an emerging type of unit, called the “Green Containers” which are biodegradable. If you’re after units which are kinder to the environment then consider these. Green units are made from molded food fibers such as corn, and are believed to replace plastic someday.

No matter which you choose, be prepared and planned and you can not go wrong, knowing your produce is in the best hands (or should I say container!).

There is no time like the present, so start looking online at some storage websites to get a feel of the choices and prices available – both we are confident you’ll be much more impressed by compared to your local street store products.

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