Metal Shipping Containers

Publish date: June 21, 2010 11:23 am | Tags: ,

So you’re contemplating whether you should buy some metal shipping containers? Perhaps the plastic ones are better? Heck you may not even know what type of metal is best for your needs? Don’t worry all your questions will be answered just after I ask you one question.

That question is – why do you need shipping containers?

A simple question but believe me, if you think about it carefully, most of your questions will already be answered for you.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to use shipping containers, from there you should be able to easily work out what sizes and how many you require.

Generally these very large containers are used by businesses of all kinds to either store a large amount of goods for either storage to transport. The logistical nightmares that can arise can cause lots of stress for business owners, so thats why they often opt for shipping containers to make the job easier. What is also becoming more popular is companies setting up large shipping containers as rooms or office spaces – even stacking one upon the other! Sure is a lot cheaper than paying to build a whole new room.

What metal shipping containers offer you are a strong and durable storage unit for pretty much any type of goods. Metal has many distinct advantages over say plastic yet they will obviously cost more money, so you need to know if the cost is worth it.

Metal containers are generally used for heavy larger items such as TV’s, cabinets, desks, fridges and other such appliances. – heck some are so big you could fit several boats in them! Most new or used shipping containers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 10ft and 20ft, all the way up to 40ft.

Some of the metal container boxes will be made from steel while other will be made from aluminum. Aluminum is lighter, cheaper and is less prone to corrosion which makes it a great choice! Steel is also fine however and in most cases should provide a stronger surface. The material doesn’t matter too much just be sure to ask about the exact features of whichever container you choose.

Some aspects you should consult with the container dealer is whether or not the metal shipping containers are insulated inside and whether they are water proof (most will be, but doesn’t hurt to ask).

One very important feature of the metal types compared to the plastic ones, is that metal allows you to fit the container with electrical installations so you can control the temperature inside the container. This may be useful for some items that need to be regulated and store at a specific hotness or coldness. You can also buy refrigerated metal shipping containers to achieve this same results.

You really can’t go wrong with buying metal shipping containers. If you need them, then get some because you will always find a use for them, and if not you won’t have any trouble reselling them as metal is a hot commodity these days.

Your best option is to look online at some container specialists websites. Here you can take your time and look through a range of containers to find the ideal solution for your storage needs.