Fuel Containers

Publish date: August 3, 2010 12:14 pm | Tags: fuel storage containers, jerry cans, plastic fuel containers, portable fuel containers, portable gas container

Imagine this, you’re driving the family on a vacation and you’re driving during the night to avoid the traffic. Your car is running low on petrol and you’re not sure when the next petrol station is but you’re confident that everything will be OK. All of a sudden warning lights start flashing on your dashboard and you find your vehicle slowly losing power and then it happens……your car comes to a screaming halt!

You’ve broken one of the most basic rules which is, a car will not run without fuel! As frustrating and embarrassing as it may be, this scenario has happened to more people than you think!

One of the ways to combat this is to buy fuel containers, also known as jerry cans. Although you be very careful, you may never know when you will find yourself in an emergency situation where you need fuel or perhaps someone near by you will.

Fuel containers were originally made from processed steel dating back to the early 1990’s now days you can even find them in plastic too. Obviously the plastic types will be cheaper than the metal ones, but you may prefer the steel structures which offer more strength.

You can buy fuel containers in many different sizes small and large. The smallest ones usually come in 5 liters (1.32 gallons) and you’ll find they move up accordingly ie 10, and 20 liters.

Most come in a rectangular shape you’re use to seeing and usually have a handle. However you can buy 2 handled fuel storage cans which have a handle on either side, perfect for a friend to help you out!

If you ever find yourself walking to a petrol station after your car has ran out of petrol, you may be scoff at the price you need to pay for the empty container especially since you need to pay to fill them up. However the cost is necessary if you want to get back on the road and the can will last you many years of use.

If you’re after buying fuel containers for sale its a really good idea to buy them online as they are little cheaper than buying them from the gas station. Generally bigger is better in this case as you don’t want to make multiple trips to your car and back to the gas station!