Compost Containers

Publish date: July 28, 2010 1:30 pm | Tags: compost bins, countertop compost container, kitchen compost container, worm compost bin

We all know how important recycling is these days and studies have shown that the rate of people growing their own fruits and vegetables has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Times are tough economics wise and it’s a smart idea to save money where you can. The best way to have a thriving vegetable patch is by adding compost scraps.

Compost which consists of used natural food scraps acts as a natural food for your plants as you know and it also doesn’t cost you any additional money.

The best way to contain your compost is by storing the scraps in compost containers which help break down the compost.

OK so you’re probably here because you’re looking to buy your own compost bins and don’t know where to start? As any smart person knows, knowledge is power so doing your research is a must with anything in life, so well done.

When it comes to compost containers, it can be a little confusing as there are a few different models available and you may not know which size to buy.

We’ll go through a few of the models now and explain the differences of each.

Firstly there is your standard compost container that sits their and holds the contents which will naturally break down over time. This is the slowest method and if you ain’t in a hurry is the cheapest model too.

You can also choose from a tumbling compost container which as you guessed it spins much like a washing machine. These sit on the surface of your area and can generally produce compost within 3 weeks time, making it one of the fastest methods of making compost.

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands a little slimy, you can always opt for a a worm compost container. The worms will help break down the contents faster.

If you plan on doing a lot of composting, then you can always buy the large multi-bin units which allow you to compost more at a time. These will cost a bit more but are very efficient if you need them.

Other aspects to consider when choosing your container is to make sure that the hole where the contents is accessed is easy to gain access too. You don’t want to be bending over or anything too strenuousness to get the goods! Also its better to have a compost bin that is above ground so that any rodents like mice cannot get to the compost and ruin your hard work.

As you can see using compost containers is the easiest way to produce compost and will save you a lot of work and time. Whether you need a small one or extra large size for your large garden, all that is left to go is go collect your vegetables, fruits, leaves and lawn and get buy yourself a container!

The best place to buy compost containers for sale is online from any storage or gardening supplier website. Have a good look around and you’ll find some great bargains.