Chemical Shipping Containers

Publish date: March 8, 2011 10:30 am

Chemicals need to be stored or transported in special containers, as they might pose to be an environmental hazard. You can purchase these chemical shipping containers from online shops, as they offer designs with this factor in mind. They can be the ideal method for storing, dispensing and transferring of chemicals.

Containers are available for sale or hire at various online sites, which are available as both new and used containers. These containers can be used for shipping purposes, site offices, and canteen units and also as chemical shipping containers, for chemical storage. You can store fuel, fertilizer, pesticide and so on against harm to humans and the environment in these shipping containers.

These containers need to meet the Health and Safety Executive requirements and must be resistant to fire as well as leak or spill resistant. You can purchase these online, as the containers are ideal for storing and transporting chemicals and keep them dry, frost-free and also well ventilated. Security is also provided for these containers and you can protect them from unauthorized access.

The chemical shipping containers meet all stringent measures of pollution prevention guidelines issued by Environmental bodies. The containers can be bought by browsing through various sites that offer top brands supplying them. Many of these are robust and strong provide maximum security. There are standard containers and these sizes are mentioned in the websites. If you wish, however, you can have custom made ones too, according to your shipping needs.

A wide range of sizes is usually available from 8 feet to 40 feet long. You can even choose optional extras, such as racking, zoned electrics, insulation, recessed bunding, sectional bunding in order to retain leaks and spills. Other options include forced ventilation, drain points and other such adaptations.

Corrosion resistant steel is used and it is also provided with a high-security lock box so as to secure it when using as storage units at sites. The containers very often contain ventilation grills that are placed on the roof and floor level. This helps to increase cross air flow and avoid the build-up of toxic fumes. You can also get them painted in any color of your choice, for good visibility and they are, additionally, very easy for lifting and transporting, as they are usually fitted with fork lift pockets.

If you wish to store or transport any dangerous goods or chemicals in a safe and secure environment, then the best options can be availed online for these kinds of chemical shipping containers.

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